The LAMB’s Basket (Lakeside Area Ministries Board) is a food pantry ministry providing food to Henrico County families in need. 

Client families are referred to us by area churches, Central Virginia Food Bank, Catholic Charities and Henrico County Social Services. LAMB’s Basket has been an integral part of the Lakeside community since 1999 when it had its origins in a small hall closet at Christ Lutheran Church.  Demand quickly exceeded space and supplies.  By 2002 Christ had partnered with other local churches to form the current 501 (c)(3) non -profit organization. This ministry now operates with its own independent board out of their own facility located at 8419 Oakview Ave., Henrico, VA 23228. Each of the participating churches provide volunteers two or three days a month to maintain daily operations.  Typical volunteer activities include receiving, sorting and stocking food and assisting our clients with food selection. If you are interested in participating in this important ministry, you may contact LAMB’s Basket directly at (804) 565-8007 or by email at

(Any time between 9:30 AM and Noon on any date you can help would be greatly appreciated!)

“Poverty has long arms that reach through generations of people, leaving telltale bruise marks on its victims even after they are blessed enough to get out.”
― Julia K. Dinsmore, My Name Is Child of God...Not "Those People": A First Person Look at Poverty

There is a collection box on the porch for a new community outreach.  Warmer weather is coming, so the list of needs is changing. The following items are needed:

   *  Warm weather clothes 
   *  shoes     
   *  Socks
   *  water
   Easy to open nonperishable foods* caps
   hygiene items

This is a very tangible way to offer comfort to those suffering and express love to our neighbors in need.


On Faith Ministries is a small, local nonprofit serving the Metro Richmond, Virginia Area dedicated to sharing Jesus to those who are lost. They are a friendly and caring nonprofit that provides food, clothing, and mentoring to those in need and less fortunate. 

They are committed to helping others climb one mountain at a time in their lives.

 Quilts of Love

Simply using thread and re-purposed fabric, the Quilts of Love ministry creates quilts for use around the world and in the local community. These quilts have been used for bedding as well as shelter against cold, rain and blistering sun. There are several ways to be involved in this ministry: 

  • Cut fabric into squares (at home/at church)
  • Assemble the squares into a top (at home/at church)
  • Join us at church each month to finish the quilts
  • Donate supplies, i.e.: fabric (new or left over from projects), crochet thread, twin size flat sheets (new or used, but in good shape), or money

Quilts of Love meet on the third Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m.