What is Off-Topic?  It is a new way to approach Bible study and how to
  • examine scripture playing out in our everyday lives.                                         
  • Off Topic is an open forum discussion group that encourages those in attendance to take the time to reread the previous Sunday's scripture and see how it applies to their lives before coming to the meetings. 
  • We will discuss any new revelations or questions congregants have about the scripture allowing the discussion to flow in a natural direction and into a myriad of interesting discussions. Hence the name Off Topic. 

So, if  you are looking for a fun group of people and interesting conversation.
Everyone is welcome to take part in the Off-Topic Bible Study.

Off-Topic meets every Thursday from 7:00 P.M.-8:00 PM using Google Meets. To join this group subscribe to CLC's email list and check the Off-Topic box.