The Angel Tree is up and running.  To sign up for a to donate a gift go the link listed below.

We will be using SignUp Genius again this year.  If you know of CLC members that do not have access to email or a computer but who may still wish to participate, then inquire if they would like some assistance in participating.   
The rules remain the same.  Pick a request. Purchase and wrap it. Wrap or bag the gift cards as well. Attach the child’s name and wish number to the wrapping or bag. Be very mindful of shipping times. Bring gift to church no later than Sunday, December 17. The cutoff date to select a wish is December 8.  After that the elves will begin shopping for the remainder. 

A word about some of the wishes.  After at least ten years of the gifts being set at a suggested limit of $50, I raised that to $60 last year.  (I had fallen for the Fake News about something called inflation.)  In the case of gift cards, if all you can do is $50, that is ok.   Gifts that are substantially more than $60 such as the bicycle, are setup to be one gift supplied by two people.   Look for the word “assist” in what would normally be the second gift.  If you decide that you are willing to pay for the entire gift yourself, then tag the “assist” as well. 

Note that there are two sisters that want the same doll, but, like Barbie, this doll appears to come in multiple versions.  Please coordinate with the person who is getting the other doll as the mother specified that the siblings should not both get the same one.  (Cannot imagine why that would be a problem.)

For the selection process itself, you will need a device with the ability to connect to the Internet.  Without said device, contact Paul Quel by either email or telephone.   

( or 804-262-7548.)  Also contact me if you are looking to get a head start. 

If using a computer or one those smart devices, go the URL “”  

Once there begin scrolling down through the list and pick one. Note: you do not need to sign up or login.  For a gift you wish pick, click the “Sign Up” button to the right.  Click of the “Save and Continue” pop-up.  At this point you will be asked to record your last name, your first name, and your email address.   Click “Sign Up Now”.   Repeat for subsequent choices.  

Let's share our ideas and talents for an upcoming digital digest for CLC!

We are looking for everyone to submit whatever their talents or passions are to share with the congregation. This may include:
*Drawings *Paintings *Sketches *Poetry *Haiku *Recipes *Photographs
*Pics of your crafts (blankets, quilts, bags, woodwork, whatever your skills include!)
*Testimony (i.e., to God, how you came to CLC, whatever moves you!)
*Educational write up (science & religion, history of a famous impactful figure, etc.,) *Short stories *Favorite jokes or anecdotes
*Whatever else serves as your inspiration not included in these examples
Feel free to include selfies that we can include with your works and creations!
And no matter what your talents or where your expertise lies, we want pics of your furry or other family members too! Dogs, cats, fish, lizards, hamsters, rats, snakes- whatever your family member may be! We invite them to be included in our
"Furry Friends of CLC" section
(include their names as well)
Please submit as much as you like as we get this unique opportunity to share ourselves with each other and help make this a wonderful read!
Please submit all entries to Darren
(All submissions to be used solely for the purpose of this digital digest only and will not be distributed or used anywhere else, including social media or the CLC website.)