At this time, Christ Lutheran Church has canceled on-site events and activities by all organizations. This page will be updated as new information is released. 

January 19, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

            Just as it was for the larger community, 2020 was an unexpectedly challenging year for Christ Lutheran Church because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We closed to in-person worship in March, opened again to limited in-person worship in July, only to close again when cases spiked again in November.   With this uncertainty, how would or how could we remain a viable family of disciples living out our witness in the world?  At a time when we could have retreated or withdrawn, we instead explored unexpected new ways of reaching out to a larger community by streaming services online and conducting faith formation classes online and by Zoom.  At a time when we could have retrenched and tightened our belts, we maintained our commitments, cutting our deficit in half and funding a new heating unit for the sanctuary.  We ably supported many of our community outreach programs such as Lamb’s Basket, Thanksgiving Meals, and Angel Tree, without missing a beat.

            Many deserve much credit for this.  Pastor Ralph coordinated the effort to provide online worship service, assisted by a group of technologically savvy volunteers.  Lay assistants ably fulfilled their roles both in person and by video.  Linda Keener, as usual, provided wonderful music and also called upon the talented musicians in the congregation to perform.  The church council, headed by Kayley Greenday, adapted and adjusted to new and unprecedented challenges as they arose.  The council, consisting of Kayley, Vanessa Baltor, Willy Carey, Lauren Dry, Ernie Foltz, Cheryl Glaubinger, Jennifer John, Nancy LaVier, Bob Light, Scott Meyer, Betty Schnellenberger, and myself, focused on what the church can do, rather than what it cannot.  (We lovingly remember our brother Scott, who passed in December).  Our financial officers, Paul Quel and Cindy Williamson, have handled our finances and made sure our bills were paid.

            Yet all their hard work and effort only succeeded because of you, the disciples of Christ Lutheran Church, who have been consistently faithful in your commitment and giving.  You have been patient and supportive as new methods have been tested for worship, for meetings, for ministry, and for faith formation.  You provided the lay assistants for the online services, you provided the food and gifts for the Thanksgiving Meals and Angel Tree.  You funded the new heating unit for the sanctuary. You continue to support all the programs and efforts that Christ Lutheran Church undertakes.

            Yet, we still face unusual and challenging times. Covid-19 cases continue to rise and even though vaccinations have started, it will be some time before even restricted in-person worship can begin again.  Some within our church family are unable to access the online opportunities for worship and participation in congregational life. Our outreach to the larger community still can be improved.

            We are a strong faith family, but we stay strong only as we stay in touch with each other.  For those who are able to email or text it’s easy to remain in contact, but for those who don’t have that capability, they may feel isolated or forgotten.  So I ask all of us to remember to write a note, make a phone call, or even visit responsibly (remembering masks and social distancing) anyone who we think may feel separated from the church family and community. 

            I encourage everyone to continue to participate in the life of the church family by watching the online service, participating in Zoom faith formation classes, being active in any of the several ministries we offer.  Please continue your valuable donation of time, talent, and treasury, to the best of your ability.

            I’ve written a longer letter than I had intended, but I believe that it is important to remind everyone how much Christ Lutheran has accomplished in difficult times and how much more we can do to remain true to our call of discipleship.  We have a wonderful council this year: SarahJo Albertson, Vanessa Baltor, Darren D’Ateno, Patty Franz, Judy Garnett, Kayley Greenday, Jennifer John, Betty Schnellenberger, Tamera Thompson, Susan Tripp, myself, and, of course, Pastor Ralph.  If you have any questions, any comments, any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us.  We are your council and this is your family.

God’s Peace

Trenton Hizer
Council President